Once upon a time, August of 2013 to be exact, there were 5 Sanctuary graduates having difficulty finding jobs & getting a good start in life. How could the Sanctuary family help? After seeing cool pallet furniture all over the internet we thought….free materials, ready labor & a staff person with some skills! Who wouldn’t want to buy a beautiful, comfortable Adirondack chair or two……..made with love by Sanctuary graduates, Alonzo, Biko, Deron, Josh & Keith? And simple as that…….Pallets For a Purpose was born.

The plan is to sell chairs & pay the guys to make them. Then branch out to other cool items! The grads make money, learn a skill, use their time wisely, stay out of trouble….and nice folks like you get a good chair, a good feeling & a good story to go with it! Won’t you help us get our business going by placing an order for your very own custom made chair?

Many thanks for your support!

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